There are no shortages of quack medicinal claims and snake oil salesmen out there trying to get you to try all sorts of silly tricks to remedy whatever might ail you.  There might be some controversy to this, but the following 5 solutions for snoring may or may not work, here at Stop Snoring Consumer Reports we have to admit that we are a bit skeptical.  Have any of these techniques worked for you?

#1 – A Spoonful of Honey Before Bed

honey for snoringWhile there’s no doubt that a spoonful of honey will help soothe the right and relax you, relaxed muscles in your airway when you sleep is exactly what you don’t need.  The obstruction that causes most types of snoring isn’t something that can be “soothed” it’s an actual physical obstruction caused by the tissues inside your airway.

Imagine that your airway was a garden hose…. What happens when you step on it?  Sure there might be just enough of an opening for the water to pass through but the hose itself has narrowed.  You could attempt to use a lubricant (i.e. honey) but the problem with this is that it does nothing to widen the hose itself.  The only benefit could be to clear an obstruction on the inside, which often times isn’t the case.



#2 – Sing In The Shower

snoring solution vocal exerciseI know what you’re thinking!  Wait a minute?  Didn’t you guys say at this article over here that singing can actually be a viable snoring solution by increasing the muscle rigidity in the airway?  That’s correct!  It takes a certain type of vocal exercise to help strengthen the muscles that cause you to snore.  You can walk around singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” all day long, but unless it’s exercising the necessary muscles it’s not going to eliminate your problem!

Doing the right kind of vocal exercises WILL help you to stop snoring.  There is a highly recommended ebook by Blue Heron Health that teaches you step by step which exercises are effective to help you stop snoring. Don’t pass up on the current discounted price some books that offer stop snoring solutions charge significantly more than this.

For the more musically inclined, there is some evidence that the didgeridoo can help you to stop snoring.

#3 – Acupuncture

acupuncture for snoring

A 5000 years old remedy prescribed for just about any ailment under the sun, acupuncture is one of the oldest medical treatments available. The idea here is that inserting fine needles into the body stimulates the nervous system, promoting sleep and reducing snoring.  Some individuals swear to the high heavens that acupuncture works great for them, but many reputable Western doctors refer to acupuncture as “quack medicine”.  So does it really work or not?  Who knows!  However, there are many other snoring solutions out there such as the stop snoring mouthpiece which cost less than an acupuncture treatment and can help provide an immediate benefit.

Acupuncture as a treatment for snoring is however a widely criticized subject, despite a number of studies clearly indicates positive results.


#4 – Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is done by making suggestions to patients while they are under a deep trance-like sleep state. The suggestions made during hypnosis are used to trigger the nervous system and body to jump-start its natural healing processes to help alleviate troublesome physical symptoms.

Does it work? Well, it seems to have a noticeable effect on some snoring patients, but other than that, there’s not a lot to back it up.

The problem with using hypnosis as a snoring solution suggests that snoring has a mental origin, not a physical one.  To understand the difference we can use the case of a smoker trying to quit their tobacco addiction as an example.  Addiction to nicotine involves chemical changes in the brain and by changing one’s mentality they can induce physical changes in the brain and help eliminate their addiction to smoking.  This is what hypnosis to stop smoking does.

Snoring on the other hand, isn’t caused by a change in the brain that has occurred due exposure to something harmful.  Snoring is usually the result of something physical inside the body itself, not the brain.  For this reason, stop snoring hypnosis should be called into serious question.


#5 – Herbal Remedies

This particular stop snoring solution may actually have some validity, depending on the origin of the snoring problem.  Snoring is not only caused by obstructions that occur inside the airway.  One might also snore due to seasonal allergies, or illness that can block sinuses making it difficult to breathe.  In these cases, certain herbs might help clear up the blockage and reduce snoring.