a man sleeping on a stop snoring pillow If you’ve been researching the various options available to help you stop snoring you know that there are a variety of different snoring devices on the market.  Between stop snoring chin straps, anti snore pillows, and mouthpieces it can be difficult to determine which option is most advantageous for you.  The purpose of this article is to help explain the difference between anti-snoring pillows and the various other devices available to reduce or eliminate snoring.

It’s important to understand that virtually all snoring devices work by the same principle.  Snoring is caused by the inability of air to pass freely through the airway.  When there is an obstruction the tissues inside your throat vibrate against each other and produce the sound known as snoring.  All of these devices work by positioning the head or lower jaw in a way that will help to increase the amount of the space in the airway so air can pass freely into your lungs and snoring is reduced. In spite of the fact that they all function in a similar way there are many differences between the various options.  Some are worn internally like an athletic mouth guard, whereas anti snore pillows aren’t unlike a normal pillow except for the fact they are designed to reposition your head.

A Side-by-Side Comparison

So this question is which of these options is going to help you the most?  If you are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a mouthpiece you can try a pillow instead, but keep in mind that your movement when you will be restricted.  Pillows are designed so that you must sleep in one particular position or it will not be effective.  The issue with this is if you move around a lot during your sleep you might shift your body so that the pillow is no longer effective.  If you chose to wear a snoring mouthpiece it does not matter what position you sleep in because regardless of your position your lower jaw will be positioned correctly.  Mouthpieces tend to be the most preferred device, but if you are not found of wearing something in your mouth that can feel uncomfortable at times then a pillow is a viable alternative.  Snoring chin straps on the other hand have the advantage of being worn as an external device so there is little discomfort.  You can move around in your sleep with a chin strap, but unlike a mouthpiece it might lose tension throughout the night or shift rendering it ineffective.

It’s important to find a reputable product that will benefit you.  There are no two people who are exactly the same, therefore there are no two snoring solutions that work for all people.  Most products offer a money back guarantee within a grace period if for some reason you have issues the product.