Our Rating: 1/5
An often overlooked and ignored stop snoring product is the anti-snore pillow.  Anti-snore pillows are designed to position head and neck to allow for the greatest amount of airflow to pass through your airway and in theory help relieve you of snoring.  The pillow ships with a strong an unpleasant chemical smell which is very uncharacteristic for most pillows.

Many might find this pillow restricting and difficult to sleep on.  Sleeping on your side is out of the question as you must be on your back for the pillow to work properly.  The Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow does provide adjustable and removable inserts to adjust the level of neck support which may or may not be sufficient for some.  There have been many reports of persons getting little to no help from this particular anti-snore pillow.


  • Adjustable Neck Supports


  • Bad Chemical Odor
  • Uncomfortable To Sleep On
  • Generally Rated Ineffective

brookston anti-snore pillowOur Advice:

Not many folks have reported great success using these sort of pillows.  One of the main problems with anti-snore pillows is that if you happen to toss and turn at all at night or shift positions then the benefit of the product is removed.

One of the reasons we recommend snoring mouthpieces over this sort of product is because regardless of how you toss and turn at night the mouth piece is not going to come out of your mouth unless you physically spit it out.  With a mouthpiece it doesn’t matter if you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or anything in between.

With the Brookstone pillow you’re basically limited to sleeping on your back the entire night.

It’s best to pass on this one, there are much better products on the market.


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