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Snorers are often bewildered to learn that the dentist is actually the medical professional that you need to visit in order to get a stop snoring mouthpiece.  A basic lesson in human anatomy will teach you that the nose, throat, mouth, and ears are all very much interconnected bodily systems.

When you visit your dentist, he will take a mold of your mouth to ensure that the snoring dental appliance fits properly and works the way it’s supposed to in order to help eliminate your snoring problem.

These devices are available by prescription only and can cost you upwards of a couple thousand dollars.  If you are interested in this option it’s important to determine whether or not your insurance will cover the costs. Read the rest of this entry

There are no shortages of quack medicinal claims and snake oil salesmen out there trying to get you to try all sorts of silly tricks to remedy whatever might ail you.  There might be some controversy to this, but the following 5 solutions for snoring may or may not work, here at Stop Snoring Consumer Reports we have to admit that we are a bit skeptical.  Have any of these techniques worked for you? Read the rest of this entry

The snoring chin strap is built to work in much the same way as the a mandibular advancement device.

It works on the exact same principle, although rather than being a device that’s actually worn in the mouth it’s worn around the head and chin to attempt to advance the lower jaw during the sleep.

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There are many anti snoring devices on the market and at minimum approximately 30 percent of the people in the USA have to cope with nightly snoring.  Sifting through your many options it can be difficult to determine what device actually works.  Often times reviews for anti-snoring devices can be less than helpful or make your search even more cluttered.  There are a few common devices that many people experiment with to combat their snoring problem.  These products include

  • Nasal Strips
  • Chin Straps
  • Snoring Mouthpieces

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It’s important to realize there is a clear distinction between cures, and treatments.  What many people think of as a “cure” is actually a treatment.  Many depressed individuals find relief in different SSRI’s or other anti depressant drugs.  Sometimes they say Prozac “cured their depression”.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  If the patient stops taking the medication, the depression will return.  The same applies to most snoring treatment options. Read the rest of this entry

stop snoring surgeryStop snoring surgery is a last resort treatment for someone who has a snoring problem.  In order to understand why such a drastic measure might be necessary it’s important that we first understand the underlying cause of the problem.

Snoring is known to be the end result of the vibration happening in the upper airway which includes the throat, mouth and the nose. Due to blockages, turbulence is caused during respiration. While we breathe throughout the day, we only snore at night because our muscle tone is very much reduced when we are sleeping which encourages the collapse of these tissues. Read the rest of this entry

Snoring is not a gender specific condition.  While many people consider problem snorers to be male this assertion is entirely incorrect.  While women are statistically not as likely to snore as men are, they have just as much incentive to stop snoring because the number of women who snore is well in the double digits.  Current estimates tell us that around 25% of all women snore at night compared to about 40% of men. Read the rest of this entry

Does Your Story Sound Anything Like The One Below?

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The very thought of talking to a loved one about their snoring problem can often seem like a daunting and uncomfortable.  However, you should not avoid this necessary conversation especially if you are having difficulty sleeping because you share a room and/or bed. Rather than keep quiet about it and slowly find your relationship becoming strained it’s best you approach the issue as soon as possible. Read the rest of this entry

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