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Prosnore is a mouthpiece that works by slightly advancing the slower jaw forward in order to widen the airway to prevent the vibrations that cause snoring.

The mouthpiece fits comfortably and feels similar to to wearing plastic mold braces. Some find it uncomfortable to have a mouthpiece at night, but it is much more comfortable than wearing a CPAP or chin strap.

It takes some time to get used to wearing any mouthpiece for snoring relief, but when you do you’ll be happy with the results.

Mouthpieces aren’t one size fits all. Each individual’s mouth is unique.

ProSnoreThis product requires that you take a mold of your teeth and send it to their dental lab where they send you back a product that is molded to your exact specifications. This ensures that your mouthpiece is right for you.

This is similar to the process that is done at the dentist’s office, but is less invasive and not nearly as costly. The disadvantage to this is that it may be a few weeks before you can actually use the product, but it should be of superior quality to one-size-fits all stop snoring mouthpiece.

Prosnore is a suitable alternative device to mouth pieces from the dentist’s office which can cost you thousands.


  • Comparable To Mouthpieces Fashioned At The Dentist’s Office
  • Custom Molded To Your Exact Specifications
  • Easy To Wear, No Tacky Headgear
  • Highly Effective, Easy To Use
  • Made Of Superior Grade Plastic Compared To Cheaper Dental Devices


  • You Must Wait For Your Mold To Come Back From The Lab
  • Pricier Than Other Dental Devices (But Still Significantly Cheaper Than Visiting A Dentist)

Actual Amazon.com Review

I bought this in November of 2009 and use it almost every night. I had previously bought one in the $55 range, but that was just a waste of money. it was a boil-in-the-pot types, and as I said, a waste of money.

I then tried again, because my snoring was keeping others from sleeping, sometimes even rooms away. Even though this one was 3 times the cost, it was worth every bit. My snoring hasn’t ‘stopped’, but has significantly subsided” – SD Rose


Actual Yahoo Answers Review

One thing that helped us is on prosnore.com on the right side there is ebay feedback link that they have received on eBay and it is really good! Go in and read that and it might surprise you. Anyways he might just be really happy about the product like me and my friend!! It really works it is amazing! I would suggest it to anyone that wants a cure for snoring!” – Adam


Our Advice:

Prosnore is a great option especially for those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, aren’t willing to dedicate yourself to throat exercises, and can’t afford a costly device fashioned by your dentist.

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