Our Rating: 3/5


SnoreZip is a homeopathic remedy for snoring that works in an entirely different way than nasal strips, chin straps, mouth pieces, or other devices.   Snorezip is a spray made from all natural ingredients that is intended to reduce the mucus build up in the throat thus lessening the vibrations that cause snoring.  Snorezip has a minty taste which some might enjoy, but others might find a bit off-putting.  It is used as an oral spray before bed, and many who are uncomfortable wearing a mouthpiece or chin strap will appreciate that this remedy is much easier to use.  The ingredients in Snorezip are not readily available on the internet, it may be a trade secret that the company does not wish to reveal.


  • All Naturalsnore zip reviews
  • No Bulky Chin Straps Or Mouth Pieces
  • Great For Allergy Sufferers
  • Minty Flavor


  • Not Effective For Those Suffering From Obstructive Sleep Apnea


Our Advice:

Overall, there has been mixed results with Snorezip many claiming it works great, but others who suffer from a restricted airway for reasons such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea might not find SnoreZip as useful. Individuals with allergies who are not heavy snorers, and do not suffer from any other snoring related condition will find relief with SnoreZip.  Only purchase this product if your snoring if unrelated to sleep apnea.

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