When it comes to Mandibular Advancement Devices that can be purchased over the counter a stop snoring chin strap such as My stop snoring chin strapSnoring Solution is one of two types of products readily available.  The other type of product readily available is a stop snoring mouthpiece which works on the same principle, but in a slightly different way.

Both stop snoring chin strap and stop snoring mouthpieces work by creating greater space in the airway allowing more air to pass through therefore reducing the chances of snoring drastically.  Stop snoring mouthpieces are internal devices that are worn just like an athletic mouth guard is.  By pushing the lower jaw forward these mouthpieces help open the airway reducing the vibration that causes snoring.  Chin straps are worn like an orthodontic headgear and have the advantage of being a bit more comfortable than mouth pieces because you do not have a foreign object inside your mouth throughout the night.

There is one primary stop snoring chin strap on the market right now known as My Snoring Solution, some snorers choose this product as an alternative to the ever so common mouthpieces.  Chin straps are usually made out of a high quality and flexible fabric that can withstand a rough night’s sleep.

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