The snoring chin strap is built to work in much the same way as the a mandibular advancement device.

It works on the exact same principle, although rather than being a device that’s actually worn in the mouth it’s worn around the head and chin to attempt to advance the lower jaw during the sleep.

Both stop snoring chin strap and stop snoring mouthpieces work by creating greater space in the airway allowing more air to pass through therefore reducing the chances of snoring.

Stop snoring mouthpieces are internal devices that are worn just like an athletic mouth guard is.  By pushing the lower jaw forward these mouthpieces help open the airway reducing the vibration that causes snoring.

Chin straps are worn like an orthodontic headgear and have the advantage of being a bit more comfortable than mouth pieces because you do not have a foreign object inside your mouth throughout the night.

There is one well known stop snoring chin strap on the market right now known as My Snoring Solution, some snorers choose this product as an alternative to the ever so common mouthpieces.  Chin straps are usually made out of a high quality and flexible fabric that can withstand a rough night’s sleep.

However, there are problems with taking this approach in attempting to remedy snoring.  Many people find that chin straps shift around quistop snoring chin strapte a bit when they sleep.  If the fabric slides due to involuntary movement during the sleep any of the positive benefits will be negated.

According to the BBB, My Snoring Solution the primary proprietor of this solution appears to have quite a few unhappy customers.

It’s for this reason, and the reasons stated above that it’s generally not considered an effective treatment options for most people in most circumstances.

Opt for a snoring mouthpiece instead.  These mouthpieces are much less likely to fall out of place when you are sleeping and are much more durable and reliable to help you combat nightly snoring in the long term.