With many stop snoring mouthpieces available on the market how can you possibly decide which one to buy and which reviews are legitimate? Many of these mouthpieces are extremely similar, but others can have small nuances that make them difficult or uncomfortable to wear.

Stop snoring mouthpieces (see: Vital Sleep) also known as Mandibular Advance Devices (MAD) work by increasing the space in your airway and/or preventing the tongue from falling back in your throat while you’re asleep using a tongue retainer.

Stop snoring mouthpieces correct the problem either by pushing your lower jaw forward, or by preventing your tongue from falling back in your throat.  These mouthpieces lessen the noise of snoring by helping removing the obstructions in your airway.

Most of these anti-snoring mouthguards look similar and yet vary wildly in price.

how a stop snoring mouthpiece worksHow do you choose between one of the many options available?

Initially you might have many questions such as, “Should I get one fashioned by my dentist or an over the counter device?” Or, “Are these mouthpieces any better than some nasal strips I can just buy at the drug store to help me stop snoring?” “Should I get a tongue retaining device, or a mandibular advancement device?”

The whole process can of trying to decide which one of these stop snoring devices works best doesn’t have to make your head spin.

We’ll break it down for you to make things simple, here are our top 3 rated products.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews: Vital Sleep vs Good Morning Snore Solution vs Prosnore


#1 Choice – Vital Sleep

Out of all the products we’ve had the opportunity to review Vital Sleep is our top choice as the best stop snoring mouthpiece. It all comes down to comfort and affordability. Vital Sleep’s stop snoring mouthpiece is completely adjustable. The mouthpiece comes in two sizes, and both are adjustable. If you only have a mild snoring problem, or if your snoring problem becomes less severe over time you can adjust the mouthpiece so the level of correction is more gentle.

The fact that this mouthpiece is adjustable, affordable, and comfortable are what make it the best choice to help you eliminate snoring. Unlike many other stop snoring mouthpieces you aren’t stuck with a one-size-fits all device.  You can take comfort in knowing this device will work will for you.vital sleep mouthpiece

Many of these mouthpieces or “Mandibular Advancement Devices” involve boiling the plastic material in a pot and molding it while it is still hot. This can be a cumbersome process, especially if for some reason the fit isn’t quite right and you need to readjust things. Vital Sleep has the advantage of being an FDA cleared device, meaning that it has passed rigorous standards and can be effective for even the loudest snorers.

The mouthpiece retails for much cheaper than some other “high-end” anti-snoring devices on the market, and the best part?  How could you possibly pass up on this mouthpiece? Your spouse (or significant other) will be thrilled to sleep next to you as you silently snooze away!  Visit the product site by clicking the button below.

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#2 Choice – Good Morning Snore Solution by MPowRX

good morning snore solution reviews

Example of how Good Morning Snore Solution is worn in the mouth

Unlike the other two products we’ve reviewed which work by pushing the lower jaw forward creating a gap in the airway. This product takes a completely different approach to solving the problem. mpowrx mouthpieceThis is a uniquely shaped stop snoring mouthpiece that is truly unlike anything else on the market.

Out of all the stop snoring mouthpiece reviews that we’ve done this is the only product that actually works by adhering to your tongue. It doesn’t not push on the lower jaw, which is good for some users because this may cause slight discomfort.

The reason this works is because often times your tongue will relax along with the other muscles in your airway and make the obstruction that causes snoring worse. This keeps your tongue out of the way to allow fresh air into your lungs, along with widening the space in your airway to ensure a good night’s rest.

Our initial thought was that something that fits around your tongue will be extremely uncomfortable. The first few nights it did feel quite awkward, but surprisingly after wearing this mouthpiece for a few nights this initial awkwardness fades and it’s quite pleasant to use. It’s a comfortable design that’s truly one size fits all, easy to use, and great for most snorers.

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#3 Choice – Prosnore

prosnore stop snoring mouthpiece review There’s no snore with Prosnore! Sounds like a catchy slogan right? Well we made it up, but maybe the guys at Prosnore will chose to adopt it sooner or later. Prosnore is one of the mouthpieces that have been on the market for some time now, and if anyone’s had invisalign braces you’ll know that this product looks quite familiar. However, it isn’t designed to straighten out your teeth. Rather, it’s designed to straighten out your airway.

Why isn’t this our number one choice? We found this product to be a bit more cumbersome than Vital Sleep and weren’t particularly found of the lack of flexibility this mouthpiece has, and it’s not quite as comfortable as the Good Morning Snore Solution.

However, the product does work as promised and has been proven effective at helping to drastically reduce snoring. Prosnore is a pricier option, and unfortunately requires you to send a mold of your teeth to the laboratory in order to receive your custom fitted mouthpiece. If it weren’t for these two factors, perhaps we have rated Prosnore a bit higher on our list.  If you’re looking for a viable alternative to the first two, then this is the product you’re after.

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