Does Your Story Sound Anything Like The One Below?

Enough I said.

I couldn’t stand another night of it.   My wife jabbed my side at least 5 or 6 times throughout the night, and my ribcage was starting to hurt just as much as my pride.

I woke up gasping for air at least 3 times that the night.  Finally, I was lulled back to sleep in spite of the garbage truck outside and the neighbor’s screaming kids.

Around noon I finally gathered the strength to roll out of bed feeling as though I hadn’t even had a wink of sleep.  I felt more tired than I did when I first laid my head on the pillow.  I went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee my wife was no where to be found.

I assumed she’d been called into work early.  I felt bad for keeping her up last night so I gave her a call asking if she’d like me to bring her some lunch.

 “I’m sorry honey but I just can’t stand sleeping next to you.  You snore like a lawnmower I couldn’t even get peace and quiet on the living room couch.  I left in the middle of the night and slept at my parents house.”


That one word sums up how I felt.

Was I really that bad?  REALLY?

I realize now she was doing me a huge favor.  After ignoring her pleas for months to get my snoring under control, it took her spending the night somewhere else for me to have that ‘lightbulb moment’.

I can be stubborn at times, aren’t we all a little bit?

sleepatlastAt around 2 pm returns home and hands me a sticky note with the number of a nearby Sleep Center.  ……I Threw It Away.  I had no intention of going to the Sleep Center I could find a solution to this on my own.

So I naturally did what any person would do, I Googled “Stop Snoring

My internet search returned what could best be described as page after page of disappointing results.

Surgery?  No thanks I’ll pass.  A bunch of sloppy review sites based outside the good ol’  US of A?  No thanks I’ll pass.

Nonetheless, I continued on my search to find my own solution to my snoring problem.  I’m embarrassed to admit I spent way too much  money on a bunch of junk that just never worked for me.

Shhh please don’t tell my wife!  We’re supposed to be saving for a new car 😉

I didn’t find stop snoring sprays useful, and I had limited success with stop snoring chin straps and mouthpieces.  Some of them were cheap and broke on my right away, and some of them helped A LOT.

In spite of my initial success I eventually visited the Sleep Center at my wife’s urging and that’s when I heard the BIG 3 WORDS.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

What the hell was that?  Not long after my diagnosis I was put on a CPAP trial.

I absolutely hated it. 

Dry mouth, an itchy face, and just all around discomfort.  I found stop snoring mouthpieces to be the next best thing so I went back to using my  mouthpiece.

After about a month I was fitted with a new CPAP mask.  I wasn’t 100% happy with being back on a CPAP, but this time around was infinitely better than the last.  While not without it’s flaws this CPAP was comfortable enough that I could get through most night knowing I could breathe easy.

I still use my mouthpiece against the wishes of my doctor.  I can only tolerate the CPAP about 4/5 nights a week.  I am not “cured” of my snoring problem, but I finally have it under control and am able to enjoy sleeping next to my beautiful wife.”


Does this story have any similarities with your own?  We’ve all got a story to tell about how snoring affects our lives and we’ve done to deal with it.  Feel free to share your story in the comments below and let us know how far you’ve come along your path to beating your snoring for good.