• review of zquiet snoring mouthpieceZQuiet is a quite a bit different from the other mouthpieces that we’ve reviewed here.  There is no boil and bite or molding required here.  This product is truly a one-size-fits-all device.

    The material is soft unlike some other mouthpieces that use a hard plastic.  Due to the softness of the device it easily adjusts to to anyone’s mouth regardless of whether you have a small or large mouth.

    The product addresses a problem that a lot of snorers have complained about with other devices.  There is a mouth hole so that it’s easier to breathe while you are asleep and you’re not stuck without a mouth piece in case you have a stuffy or congested nose, or your a mouth breather you won’t have any difficult catching your breath.

    As with all mouth pieces there is a bit of jaw discomfort, and there may be some drooling when you first start using the device.  It takes time usually from a couple days to a couple weeks before you get used to wearing it and usually these issues subside.

    The folks behind this mouthpiece are Sleeping Well LLC based out of upstate New York.  They’ve got good rapport with the customers according to the BBB with an A- rating (not too shabby!)

    • An FDA cleared device designed by sleep specialist Dr. Avery Lieberman
    • Not waiting on the lab to mold the mouth piece, a truly one-size fits all solution
    • Mouth hole that allows you to breathe comfortably at night
    • Excellent customer support that is truly passionate about helping customers

    • Can not be worn with dentures
    • Not available in stores like Walgreens, or Walmart or online retailers like Amazon

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ZQuiet – A New Twist On An Old Approach To Snoring

There’s literally dozens of different stop snoring mouthpieces that you can buy.  Some of them only address the problem by holding the tongue in place, whereas others approach the problem of snoring by advancing the lower forward decreasing the likelihood that the muscles in the air way will vibrate to cause snoring.

Unlike other products that require a boil and bite process and if things go awry can actually ruin the mouthpiece (il.e. if you leave it in hot water for too long before you mold it), or other products that require you to ship a mold off to a lab and wait for long periods of time this product works immediately, and without a hiccup.

The patented design allows it to mold to any mouth, and hinges help keep things in place. You’ll find a lot of snoring mouthpieces are made of hard plastic and can feel bulky inside of your mouth.  The light plastic design makes it hardly noticeable when you wear it.

This product undoubtedly is the most comfortable mouthpiece you can buy.  However, there’s also the familiar “breaking in” period as there is with just about every other snoring mouth piece available.

It’s easy to talk with your family or loved ones, or even drink a tall glass of water when wearing the ZQuiet.  It’s hard to stress enough just how few anti snoring devices allow that sort of flexibility.

In most circumstances once you put the oral appliance in your mouth you’re essentially unable to say a word until you take it out.  The importance of flexibility and comfort truly can not be understated.

Actual Customer Reviews

I have a Z quiet and my wife loves it! It has worked for me – not 100% but well enough that I no longer get punched, kicked or poked during the night. – steve308 of garagejournal.com

I wanted to take a quick moment to write a huge thank you to ZQuiet. At 37 yrs old, I have been told I snore. Although I have yet to be shown proof, I guess my wife is good enough a witness for me to believe – Matt Alvers via Facebook

My wife has been gone for the last week so I didn’t bother to wear my ZQuiet until the dog left the room because of my snoring and then I woke MYSELF up a couple of times so I wear it every night now. IT REALLY WORK – Dale Radeleff via Facebook

passOur Advice:

There’s a reason ZQuiet is one of the most sought after mandibular advancement device for sale anywhere.  This is the least cumbersome, easiest to use mouthpiece, and also one of the most affordable.

It doesn’t have some of the higher end features like the ability to retain your tongue directly, to work with dentures, or to mold to your teeth.  However, at this price point it’s the absolute best quality solution to reduce snoring that you’re going to find anywhere.

We’ve reviewed a lot of different devices and doodads here at SSCR and we give ZQuiet a pass.  If you need help fast, don’t hesitate to order this product.  After you get used to the initial discomfort it will work exactly the way you want it to.  If you’re interested in learning more please visit the product web site.

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