• Pronounced, “Zee-Pah” not “Zip-pah” this device is without a doubt one of the most unique anti-snoring devices.

    zyppah snoring mouthpiece

    Zyppah attacks the problem snoring using a hybrid approach, and it truly excels at what it does.

    Whereas some mouthpieces are strictly tongue retaining devices, and others are strictly mandibular advancement devices this product combines both these features for a more comprehensive approach to reduce nightly snoring.

    • Durable and well built
    • Easily self-molded for a custom fit and maximum comfort

    • Not available in Big Box stores like CVS or Walgreens
    • Not effective at reducing snoring
    • Feels bulky and hard to get used to wearing at night

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Zyppah – A Different Take On Snoring Mouthpieces

zyppah packagingA common problem with a lot of similar devices especially ones that you might see advertised a cheap alternatives include lack of custom fitting, poor quality plastic from overseas manufacturers interesting in getting the biggest bang for their buck, and haphazardly designed products that cause jaw discomfort.

Like all snoring devices, the Zyppah takes some getting used to.  Most people aren’t used to sleeping with a mouth piece, but after a few nights you will grow accustom to wearing it.  Persistence is key.

One major concern that a lot of snorers have when they finally take that first step and purchase a new mouthpiece is


Who Is Dr. Greenburg?

dr jonathon greenburgDr. Jonathon Greenburg is the both the brains and the public face behind the Zyppah product.

Realizing that other stop snoring devices fall short in more ways than one, he used his background in bioengineering to craft a mouthpiece superior to anything else on the market.

Dr. Greenburg is a dental sleep professional and sleep apnea expert who is currently involved in the Sleep Apnea Prevention Project focused on educating the public about the dangers of snoring and sleep apnea.

He graduated from the NYU Dental School in 1981 and has since treated thousands of patients suffering from snoring and sleep apnea.

Along with Dr. Martin, and Dr. Bresky he operates 5 Snore No More dental clinics across California which are specifically focused on treating Snoring & Sleep Apnea and nothing else.

Actual Customer Reviews

The ZYPPAH Rx stopped my snoring and was a lot more comfortable than I expected it to be. The boil and bite mouth piece made the ZYPPAH Rx a custom fit that felt like a much more expensive orthodontic piece. – Sleep Aid Solutions Blog

I felt so well rested the next day, it’s made a huge difference in my life! – Howard W.

The very first night that Juan used the Zyppah, was the very first time in 8 years that we slept the whole night through. – Olga and Juan M.

An Easy To Mold Dental Appliance

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages this mouthpiece has over its competition is that it’s quick and easy to start using the product with a fairly straight forward fitting process.

There are some similar products that actually require you to send a mold to a laboratory with could mean that you’ll still be keeping your loved ones awake at night for up to two weeks while you wait for the lab to process your order.

The fitting process for Zyppah completely eliminates this problem all together.  There’s a simple step by step process involved to properly fit the product.

  1. Gather the materials necessary to get started with your fitting.  You’ll need a mirror (bathroom mirror works fine), a utensil of any kind (fork, knife, spoon, etc..), paper towels, a timer (you can use your smartphone for this), the mouthpiece, and a bowl or mirror with water heated just below boiling (roughly 200 degrees).
  2. Remove the seal and take the appliance out of the packaging.
  3. Drop the appliance in the heated water.
  4. Start your timer for 30 seconds.
  5. Use your utensil to ensure that the appliance is fully submerged for the 30-second duration of the heating process as it has a tendency to float.  It’s no harm if you want to leave it in a few seconds longer, but make sure to remove it before the water cools too much.
  6. Use your utensil to pull the appliance out of the water and lift it by the elastic band.  Do not touch the sticky green material as it will be extremely hot and might burn your hand.  Hold it by the elastic or gray portion which will not be nearly as hot.
  7. Immediately place the appliance in your mouth.  The lower tray of the appliance that says “Zyppah” will fit the bottom of your mouth and should be facing right side up.
  8. Press the appliance down on your lower teeth first and hold your jaw forward for a few seconds.  Afterwards bite down on the top of the appliance.  Tip: Use a mirror here to help you see better.
  9. Take the appliance out of your mouth.  You will notice indentations on the top and the bottom of the appliance fitted and it will now be fitted to your mouth’s exact specifications.
  10. Run the appliance under cold water to make it hard and stiff and permanently set the mold.  It will set almost immediately and you’re good to go!

Who’s This Product For?

If you are struggling with nightly snoring, and want to tackle the problem without wasting your time trying on various mouthpieces which are less than stellar in their performance than you can rest assured (literally) that you’ve found what you’re looking for.

If  you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder like Obstructive Sleep Apnea please check with your doctor as these devices are not sold as substitutes for conventional OSA treatments.

However, many individuals with OSA have reported a decrease in the symptoms associated with the disorder.

Product Q & A

1. Where is Zyppah manufactured?
The product is manufactured in the USA, not outsourced overseas.
2. Is it hypo-allergenic/latex/BPA free material?  
Yes, it is free of BPA and is hypo-allergenic.   If you’re unsure as to why BPA is dangerous and should be avoided click here.
3. Is there a money back guarantee?  What is the refund policy?
There is a 30-day money back guarantee which gives you plenty of time to adjust to wearing the mouthpiece and determine it’s effectiveness.
 4. What is the lifespan of the product with nightly use?
It is made from quality materials, and should last at least a year.  There is no specific time frame, but with proper care you’ll get more than your money’s worth.
5. Can it be remolded if necessary?
Yes, up to 3 times
6. What’s the best way to clean Zyppah?
A specially made cleaner known as SNAP is produced by the company that quickly and effectively cleans the product.

Our Advice:

If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t break the bank, and has been proven to be effective time and time again we highly recommend Zyppah which has a proven track record of reducing snoring in countless individuals. If you’re interested in learning more about Zyppah visit the product website.

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